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Bursary ETRS

for PhD students and Early Career Researchers

Bursaries will be available to three PhD students (any year of study except the first) and three Early Career Researchers (within 5 years of them obtaining their PhDs). The bursaries will cover a 3-day registration fee (early bird rate only) for the ScarCon ETRS 2018 congress. The deadline for application for these bursaries is March 31st 2018.

In respect to the bursaries

  • The applicant must be an ETRS member to qualify for these bursaries.
  • The applicant must submit an abstract and register for the meeting prior to the early bird deadline.
  • The applicant must send an email to to apply for the bursary and indicate that they are either a PhD student (not in their first year of study) or an Early Career Researcher (within 5 years of obtaining their PhD).
  • A committee will decide to whom the bursaries will be awarded.
  • Unsuccessful applicants will not be able to withdraw from the congress.